Iron, Manganese And Ammonium Removal Technology

Non-chemical Iron, Manganese, Ammonium removal technology and pH adjustment technology:

This technology is designed as a closed system based on Dutch technology. The system is cost–effective and environmental friendly, because no chemicals are being used during the water treatment process.

There are key advantages compared to the classic technologies used in Vietnam:

  • Natural use of oxygen as an oxidizer;
  • Non-chemical, sustainable and environmental friendly;
  • Compact modular design (high carbon steel or stainless steel);
  • Easy to implement upgrades to current system;
  • Low investment and operation costs.

construction1 construction1
Hình 1: Nhà Máy Nước Phú Tài, Bình Định

Hình 2: Nhà Máy Nước Phú Mỹ, Vũng Tàu