Surface Water Treatment


- Perfector-P with a total capacity of modul 1.200 m3/ day per module.
- Perfector-R with a total capacity of modul 5.000 m3/ day per module.
- Perfector-J with a total capacity of modul 25.000 m3/ day per module. Learn More »

Micro - Hydraulic

- The ultimate solution for rehabilitation, water quality improvement and increased water capacity. It has the ability to increase current water system capacity by 2-4 times.
- Use same footprint of process unit and re-use of existing structures.
- Optimized mixing system, flocculation, reduction of chemical flocculation during processing.
- Stable, simple operation and low investment costs. Learn More »

Innovative ION Exchange Technology

- Minimum amount of ionic particles.
- reducing the investment cost.
- Out coming water color is < 10 TCU.
- Simple operation and maintenance.
- Very stable operation.
- Minimal salt required for regeneration. Learn More »

Mobile Systems