The Perfector-P is made of carbon steel, therefore its easy to build and to transport. The capacity of each module is 500 to 3.000 m3/day. The Perfector-P is designed as a miniature version of the Perfector-R. It has all the advanced technology of the Perfector-R but is a different product line.

Key advantages of the Perfector technology:

  • Easy to build and upgrade in a short period of time
  • Compact modular design with capacity from 500 to 25.000 m3/ day for each module.
  • Can handle turbidity up to 2.000 NTU.
  • Easy to operate and maintain due to high efficiency design and less mechanical components.
  • Energy efficient and minimal application of chemicals.
  • Low investment, operation and maintenance costs.
  • Sustainable and environmental friendly

Hình 1: Vĩnh Long (giai đoạn 1: 2.400 m3/ngày và giai đoạn 2: 4.800 m3/ngày)


The Perfector R is made of concrete and is a modular design. Each module has a capacity of 5.000 to 25.000 m3 /day.

Each module includes:

  • Floating raw water pontoon
  • Process unit
  • Hydraulic mixing and flocculation
  • Clean water reservoir
  • Distribution pumping station
  • SCADA control room
  • Generator room, operator building, drying bed and lagoon.

Hình 2: Cao Lãnh, Đồng Tháp: 10.000 m3/ngày

Hình 2: Hội An, Quảng Nam: 15.000 m3/ngày

Hình 3: An Nghiệp, Sóc Trăng: 10.000 m3/ngày

PERFECTOR-J công suất mỗi modul 25.000 m3/ ngày

Hình 4: Mô hình 3D Perfector J