Rehabilitation and upgrading surface water treatment technology Micro-Hydraulic

The Micro-Hydraulic technology is developed by a Professor from Indonesia at TU Delft in the Netherlands. The Micro-Hydraulic is a special technology that focuses on the rehabilitation of existing water plants by improving water quality and increasing water capacity.

Key advantages of the Micro-Hydraulic technology:

  • The ultimate solution for rehabilitation, water quality improvement and increased water capacity. It has the ability to increase current water system capacity by 2-4 times.
  • Use same footprint of process unit and re-use of existing structures.
  • Optimized mixing system, flocculation, reduction of chemical flocculation during processing.
  • Stable, simple operation and low investment costs.

Image 1: Cho Lach, Ben Tre: Capacity from 480 m3/day up 2.400 m3/day & stage 2: 4.800 m3/day)

Image 2: Model 3D Micro – Hydraulic