Groundwater Treatment

Groundwater Treatment

The groundwater treatment system is designed entirely by Dutch technology, not using chemicals with superior advantage compared to the treatment by spraying and filtering classic
- Non-chemical Iron, Manganese, Ammonium Removal Technology and pH Adjustment Technology
- Non-chemical Arsenic Removal Technology
- Water Hardness Removal Technology Learn More »

Surface Water Treatment

With Surface Water Treatment Perfector (Netherlands), customers can choose the most appropriate technology solutions according to the area and requirements of customers.
- Perfector
- Micro - Hydraulic
- Innovative ION Exchange
- Mobile Systems Learn More »

Brackish Water Treatment

Stable system, applied to many Dutch factories (Vitens, Engelse Werk, Vechter Weerk ...)
- Innovative RO Technology Learn More »

Other Services...

- Non-Revenue Water Reduction (NRW)
- Energy Saving Solutions for Power Pump Stations and Water Plant Distribution Networks
- Asset Management
- Wash deep well without any additional use of chemicals & additional use of chemicals
- Rinse the water network
- Bottled Water Learn More »